Our number one goal at Balance Claims is to help contractors find solutions that work for them when it comes to estimating and supplementing insurance claims. Often, this means avoiding mistakes that reduce claim payouts, maintaining compliance with state and federal laws, and reducing claim turnaround time. All in all, we give contractors a new way to manage the claims process – one that increases profits and saves time. How are we able to do that? Read on to find out. 

Reducing Bottlenecks 

In a recent blog, we covered how inefficient it is to have each member of your sales team responsible for the estimating and supplementing process. All of these tasks reduce their ability to sell, and that in turn hurts your ability to grow as a business. More importantly, it is difficult to train and manage mistakes when a large number of people are managing their own processes. Bottlenecks in the claim process quickly form and lead to several other problems down the line. 

As a third party claim administrator, we alleviate this burden on your team. By outsourcing your estimate and supplement process, your team can go back to focusing on what they do best: selling. In addition, you can rely on us to remain compliant and ensure that files are properly documented and worked in a timely manner. 

Scale Successfully 

It takes time to find and properly train the right people, especially when it comes to broadening your services into other areas outside of hail damage. But what if you need more out of your business and can’t wait 6-8 months to build a team? Hire us. 

Having an outsourced estimate and claim supplement partner means you can do more with less people. We can handle a variety of claims including fire, water, mold and more which means you don’t have to wait until you have the perfect person to roll out new services. In addition, allowing us to manage the claim process means more time and less stress on your end. 

Go Big

A reliable partner is beneficial for those looking to work bigger and more complex types of claims. In fact, most residential roofers we talk to want to get into commercial roof claims… they just don’t know how. We can help take the burden off of you by writing proper estimates in Xactimate from the get-go. 

Start Growing Your Business Today

We focus on supplementing insurance claims so contractors can increase profits, save time and grow their business. Interested in learning how we can help you? Contact Balance about business or consulting by calling 888-618-0367 or by emailing success@balancedclaims.com.

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