Lack Of Processes Are Killing Your Business – And You Might Not Even Know It

Are you monitoring your sales team’s close rate? Do you really know how many leads never convert into an actual sale each month? It may be more than you think, and it all boils down to the processes within your business.

In one survey, customers were asked the top reasons why they decided to go with a competitor after meeting with a business. Here are the results:

Most of these are pretty logical, right? But ask yourself if you a member of your sales team has had to contact a customer to get missed photos of a job for an insurance claim. Have they ever been late to an appointment? Have they ever promised a homeowner something that wasn’t documented?

Since your sales team may not perform perfectly 100% of the time,  adding processes can help avoid these situations, close more deals, and prevent unhappy customers.

Internal Processes To Create/ Review

It is impossible to scale a business without a commitment to establishing efficient, repeatable processes.

If you don’t have any processes or don’t know where to start, the first step is to break up the jobs you expect people to do. Here are just a few to look at:

  • Sales or Project/Claim Acquisition
  • Damage assessment and documentation
  • Estimating
  • Insurance claim management
  • Claim supplementing
  • Third-party resources like Public Adjusters, Legal, etc.
  • Claim invoicing/collection
  • Training and HR

Use these individual processes to build a road map of your customer’s journey from lead to a completed job. From there, build specific tasks, activities, and expectations for each section of that journey – paying particular attention to the bottlenecks and issues that your organization is facing.

If you are not sure what issues your customers might be having, ask them! Using integrated software like Broadly can help you communicate with your existing customers (and even help you get new ones).

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