How Contractors Can Minimize Claim Turnaround And Maximize Efficiency

What would you say is the most critical factor for getting a valid insurance claim paid quickly? Is it the type of damage? Does it depend solely on the insurance carrier? Or maybe the experience of the claim adjuster? While those things can play a role in how a claim pans out, we think it’s much simpler than all of that.

After processing 10,000+ insurance claim estimates and supplements, minimizing the time it takes to get paid all comes down to how the claim was documented.  

This seems like common sense, but we see contractors mess this up ALL THE TIME. Think about the last time someone on your team didn’t take enough photos. Or didn’t take pictures of ALL the damage. Or completely forgot to check an area of the home for any signs of damage. Worse, maybe you have a ton of photos, but you have no idea how to interpret them without any annotations. Missing information can add weeks to the overall timeline of a claim.

Minimize Claim Turnaround / Maximize Efficiency

The number one thing you can do as a roofing contractor to speed up claim payments is to get organized. Does your company have:

  • Damage assessment process?
  • Photo collection checklist?
  • CRM to house claim documents and info?
  • Internal supplement team?

These things are so important, we provide a punch list and an exterior/​interior damage survey to our clients to help ensure everyone on their team knows what to look for and what to take pictures of. We even help train our clients on creating an in-house supplement team. We also can get clients a free 30-day trial with the best photo collection tool out there: CompanyCam.

Contractors that properly document and organize claims also see higher payouts and not because of some sneaky, probably-not-legal claim handling tactics. Proper claim documentation and higher claim settlement go hand in hand. It’s merely due to the damage being properly documented and presented to the carrier in a way that allows them to complete their own processes and make payment efficiently.

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