Is Your State At Risk For The Next Natural Disaster?

Is Your State At Risk For The Next Natural Disaster?

What do Texas, Louisiana, Florida, California, Colorado, North Carolina, Michigan, New Mexico, Nebraska and Georgia all have in common? According to a recent study, they are all at risk for the next natural disaster. But avoid the paper work with claim supplementing by working with Balance! 

In fact, these top 10 states make up 80% of total disaster costs since 2014. The average claim in Texas over the past five years is $1,478 per household! 

Severe storms that hit the Plains, Midwest, and Southeast cost insurance companies $4 billion dollars. That was just in May of this year alone! The total economic loss due to severe weather so far in 2020 are expected to top $4 billion dollars

But hail and wind storms make up a smaller portion of the total disasters that have impacted policyholders this year. Severe flooding, wildfires and COVID-19 have also played a big role. Researchers are predicting 202 to break more records and be one of the most disaster-heavy years the U.S. has seen. 

How Contracts Can Prepare for Claim Supplementing

Expanding services to include fire and water remediation could be one way contractors can grow and expand their businesses this year. Partnering with Balance to assist in estimate writing and claim supplementing is one way to prevent the added paperwork from becoming disaster-heavy on your business. 

In addition, roofing contractors should focus on hiring, team training and selling to capitalize on the increase in potential claims this year. This often means giving up time intensive tasks like claim supplementing. Partnering with a third party claims administrator like Balance can help. Not connived? See how much you are potentially losing on each claim in this blog post

With Balance Claims on your team, you’ll save time and get fairly paid by outsourcing your claims to us. If you are in these popular storm locations, contact us today at 888-618-0367 or schedule an evaluation so we can help you! Check out our videos here and testimonials here.