Is Your Business Prepared For the 2021 Hurricane Season?

As storm season begins, you likely expect an increase in business as a restoration contractor. With predictions that the 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season will be more active than normal, you could be looking at a very busy storm season! Getting ready for your company’s busy season means making improvements to run as efficiently as possible. Here’s how you can get ready to tackle post-storm jobs:

Get Prepared If You Will Travel

After a storm, the demand surge for labor and materials, coupled with unfamiliar locations and the unique job-site hazards associated with post-event situations, can create significant risks and challenges for contractors. Before you move to a new location and a new storm, you should always ensure you have a skilled workforce large enough to handle new jobs, review your business insurance coverage and state/local laws that apply to restoration contractors. 

Offer Full-Service Restoration

By offering window, siding, and gutter restoration services, you can provide more value to your customers after a storm! If a home has sustained more damage than just its roof, a customer can turn to you to get their whole exterior restored. By recruiting and training staff now, you can be ready to get your business to this next level.

Stay Compliant With Local and State Laws

If you are going to be completing jobs in a new area after a storm, make sure that you are aware of the laws, rules, and regulations that you will need to follow. Mistakes can be costly, so avoid hassles by staying compliant. 

Increase Efficiency By Outsourcing Claim Supplements

You want customers to choose you over the other storm restoration companies you are competing with, so how can you encourage them to do so? Building your reputation by providing quality service and efficiently settling claims will make you stand out from the pack. If your goal is to settle claims faster than your competitors, outsourcing can be your best friend! A trusted partner like Balance Claims can streamline your estimating and supplementing processes for insurance claims. Our goal is to help you build your business by helping it increase its efficiency. 

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