Attracting Top Talent to Your Roofing Company

Attract talent to your roofing company.Before long, you’ll be back out there climbing ladders, taking measurements, ordering supplies, and assembling your crew. But, as you plan for the season, there’s probably one question on your mind: how can you build the best team to do the best job this year? For most roofing companies, it can be a challenge to attract top talent and then retain that talent year after year.

Like in most industries, attracting top talent can be difficult for any roofing company. You know, though, how crucial having the right crew is to a successful season. Because we, at Balance Claims, understand that the right crew has a huge impact on your season, we’ve got a few tips to attracting the top talent you need:

Be Professional

It can be expensive and time consuming to recruit top talent. Instead, you want to create a roofing company that attracts top talent. The first step in this process is to be professional. No quality roofer with a high level of experience is going to want to join a roofing company that is unprofessional. If your truck is all rusted out, your equipment outdated, and your attitude towards clients poor, then that top talent isn’t going to be attracted to your company.

Establish A Brand

Why does a roofing company need a brand? Your brand is the complex thought that you own in your target market’s mind. It tells the story of your company, what you offer, and the value you bring. Your customers care about your brand, but so do employees and potential hires. Know your brand and know it well. When you can clearly convey what your roofing company is all about, top talent will be far more attracted to joining your crew.

Build A Reputation

By being professional and establishing a brand, you’ll likely develop a reputation naturally. But, it’s your job to cultivate and build that reputation into what you need and want it to be. With a great reputation, quality roofers will start to know your brand and want to work on your crews. This is where the “attraction” part really comes into play. When you have a great reputation, you won’t have to spend as much time recruiting. Instead, the roofers will come to you for the jobs.

Create Incentives

Incentives are one of the best ways to retain the talent you have and attract new talent. While a cash bonus at the end of a job or at the end of the season is great, there are plenty of great alternatives that are just as motivating. For one thing, consider offering your crew a trip at the end of the season if they have performed above expectations or met a certain goal that you set at the beginning of the season.

When you’re ready to upgrade your roofing company and become an unstoppable force, the team at Balance Claims is here to help. Along with our partners like No Time For Social, we can help streamline your processes, help you build a quality reputation, and manage your business. Schedule your evaluation today!