Roofing Contractor: The Importance of Appearing Professional to Homeowners

As a roofing contractor, you need to appear professional to potential customers.Imagine a service professional, say a plumber, pulls up to your home after you called about a busted water heater. The box truck he’s driving has rust spot all over it. The brakes squeak as he pulls to a stop. The engine backfires with a crack and a plume of black smoke rises out of the muffler. You look the truck over and notice that he’s painted the words Quality Plumber on the side of it. Spray paint no less. Immediately, you’re skeptical of the services he provides.

Now, think of your own truck. How does it compare? What kind of clothes do you wear as you walk up to a customer’s front door? You don’t want potential customers to be skeptical of you or your roofing contractor services. You want them to see you as a professional roofer who provides quality services.

The Problems With Not Appearing Professional

When you’re working on a roof, you may be less concerned about your appearance, but when you’re in front of a customer or potential customer, you need to look as professional as possible.

The way you present yourself to potential customers has a direct impact on how much you can charge for your services. If you pull up in a rusted pickup truck with a magnet sign on the door instead of a nice truck with a custom decal job, you’re far less likely to make a positive impression.

Just like the truck scenario, if you walk up to a house wearing jeans with holes in the knees and an unbuttoned shirt, then you aren’t making the right impression. Sure, you want customers to understand you’ll work hard for them, but wearing nice jeans and a clean shirt can help make the right impression.

Plus, when you’re actually on the job, you need to maintain that professional attitude. In fact, everyone on your crew should be professional when they’re working on a roof. That means everything from language to how old roofing materials are discarded should be professional and courteous. When you do this, you’re more likely to get the referrals you hope from after every completed job.

How To Look Like A Professional Roofing Contractor

As you start thinking of ways to make your roofing company make the positive first impression it needs and how to maintain a level of professionalism customers expect, here are a few ideas to get you started:

Custom, Professional Decals

The vehicles you and your crews drive need to look professional at all times. They should be free of rust spots like the truck earlier in this post. But, they also need to have custom, professional decals with the name of your business, your logo, and maybe even certifications and awards associated with your business.

Professional, Clean Attire

Even when you or your crews are on the roof, there’s no reason they can’t still look professional. It’s important to note that professional attire doesn’t always mean a suit and tie. It means that the attire you wear is appropriate for the work and profession you are in. For roofers, that could mean jeans and a company t-shirt.

Attitude and Language

When you’re on the job your attitude reflects the services you provide. That means you need to treat your crew, customer, and job with the respect it deserves. Homeowners pick up on things like poorly treated employees and improper roofing installation. By keeping a great attitude through the whole project, you can help guarantee the referrals you need to find your next project.

Official Paperwork

Another area many roofers struggle with is their paperwork. Everything from estimates to invoices should be branded with your company name and logo. By doing this, you can bring a completely new level of professionalism and service that will really enhance the experience for homeowners. Plus, you’ll be providing an additional “wow” factor. A great way to get started with this is by using a third party administrator.

Looking and maintaining a level of professionalism as a roofing contractor can help you close deals, grow your business, and ultimately make more money.

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