8 Growth Secrets for Your Contracting Business

Ambitious business owners want their companies to experience growth. If growth is your goal, but you feel that your business is stagnant or hitting roadblocks, these are the 8 secrets you need to know.

Outsourcing vs DIY

Knowing which business activities should be outsourced and which should be completed in-house is a marker of successful contractors. In order to see your business grow, you need to reduce administrative problems that are taking away time you could be using for revenue-generating activities. A great way to increase your efficiency is to outsource administrative tasks to a trusted industry partner.


When storms hit and the demand for your services increases, having a highly-trained staff is essential. Hiring revenue-generating staff to your internal team should always be your goal, so look to trusted partners to provide support if your business is being overwhelmed. It could be more beneficial to use outsourcing than to hire people to your internal team that are not the right fit for your business. 


Keeping up with the constantly changing landscape of staying in compliance can be confusing and stressful. It can be harmful to a business to be out of compliance. That’s why finding reputable outsourcing partners that spend time being up to date with compliance laws is so important.


If your business’s processes are cracking under pressure, that means they are hindering growth! Your processes need to grow alongside your business to make sure you are as efficient as possible.


By using leading industry tools and technology, your business can stay ahead of the curve. To learn more about what tools and technologies you should consider using to improve your business, check out our blog here.

Closing Profit Holes

Money left behind on the table is detrimental to your business! Mishandling supplementing activities results in the loss of a ridiculous amount of profit. Making sure your company is getting the most out of your supplement process is important to facilitate growth.


Those who are constantly growing are constantly training to improve. By leveling up your team, you will realize more profits and efficiency. You cannot experience growth without providing the support that training can give your team.

Understand Best Practices

Without guidance, it can be difficult to find your way in this business. That’s why industry partnerships that foster best practices are so important! Trusted partners will be able to guide you and your business through these best practices.

Balance Claims wants to help your business grow. Our wealth of knowledge and experience allows us to help contractors unlock all 8 growth secrets. 

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