How To Improve Your Estimation Process With Cutting-Edge Technology

Implement Xactimate Software 

In order to successfully submit insurance claims, your business needs to provide the most accurate estimates possible. Xactimate is the leading software for completing property claims estimation. If you need more support to handle an overflow of claims, Balance Claims provides outsourced estimates for roofers using Xactimate.

Use Aerial Technology  

If you want to improve your estimation process even further, you should consider using services powered by aerial technologies. Some of our industry allies are using this technology to provide valuable services to roofing contractors. Scope Technologies uses satellite imagery to create measurement reports for contractors. EagleView Reveal is a product that uses high-resolution aerial imagery so contractors can conduct virtual measurements and estimates. These companies can help you save time and money by allowing you to conduct roof inspections without even having to visit the site.

Update Your Documentation Practices

Your documentation practices are a foundational part of your company’s ability to run with efficiency. If you are not using a uniform system to document sites from initial inspection to project completion, you are likely to have some hiccups along the way. If you are tired of losing track of images and notes from job sites, you should consider using tools like CompanyCam and Matterport. CompanyCam is a streamlined app that allows contractors to take, store, sync, and share images and notes throughout their entire company. Matterport provides a way for contractors to create highly accurate 3D images of job sites, and you can even try their service for free. Your estimation process will go smoother if you have a great documentation system that keeps your site images and notes organized. 

Bring your estimation process into the future by trying these technologies! Balance Claims is here to support your business’s growth and can help get your estimation and supplement processes running efficiently Contact us today at 888-618-0367 or join the conversation on Facebook and LinkedIn.