Why Outsource Your Roofing Supplements

If you work at a roofing or other contracting company, we’re going to assume that reviewing insurance claim estimates, dealing with adjusters and chasing paperwork is not the best part of your job. In fact, we’ve talked to hundreds of contractors across the US who’ve told us that dealing with roofing claim supplements is the LEAST favorite thing about their jobs – and that’s why we are here to help. Our goal to take on this administrative burden so that you can focus on the most important drivers of your business like selling, building, and the huge responsibilities that come with running a business. But outsourcing your roofing supplements can do more for you and your business than just stopping you from banging your head against a wall. It can save you time, money and even increase your bottom line. Here’s how:

1.Outsourcing Your Roofing Supplements Will Save You Time

Chasing insurance files, replying to emails and following up on claim status can easily eat away 50% or more of your day. Outsourcing your claims department gives you a competitive edge, especially after a hail storm, when it is critical to reach homeowners and establish connections before the competition arrives.

2. Xactimate Training Is Costly

If your company is large enough to have a person on staff to handle some of the daily tasks, you could be leaving money on the table. Why? Learning Xactimate is HARD. In fact, the initial training course is made up of 70 hours’ worth of material.  Some classes can be as expensive as $1,000, and that doesn’t include travel required, exam costs, or re-certification costs.

Working with Balance gives you access to a team of Xactimate certified specialists – no training or certifications required on your part.

3. Company Turnover

The employee turnover rate in the roofing industry is high. If you outsource your roofing supplements to a team of experts, you’ll never have to worry about a training new employee or finding ones with the right level of knowledge to continue running your business.

4. Roofing Supplement Mistakes Are Costly

Inexperienced prepares tend to leave things out of their roof supplements. They do not have the know-how to properly prepare it for submission and will take much longer to submit, leading to a rejection from the insurance.

How much does that cost you in the long run? Our data shows that if you built more than 100 roofs last year and didn’t have an outsourced team of experts, chances are you lost upwards of $200,000.

About Balance

Balance Claims is the recognized industry-leading third-party file administration company for Xactimate estimating & supplementing 5 years running. Find out why in 2019! We deliver 400+% ROI per job file on average. Balance has a large corporatized staff working together in a central headquarters & capacity to handle 10,000+ files a year.

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