How to Lose $285,000 and Half of Your Sales Force

What if someone wrote you a check right now for $285,000? Could you spend it? Would you know what to do with it? If you did more Third party administrators can help you grow your business and increase sales.than 100 roof replacements last year, chances are that’s what you lost from
poorly managing insurance claims. Here’s more bad news, when that happens you could end up losing half of your sales force because they aren’t making the commission checks they could be or should be. Isn’t it time to start recouping some of those losses and work with third party administrators?

Here are the problems many roofing companies are facing when it comes to replacing roofs:

  • They aren’t getting all of the supplemental money from insurance jobs, which results in a huge loss for the company. On average, Balance Claims recovers $2,850 per job.
  • They’re losing critical members of their operations like sales people because you can’t afford to pay them the commissions they should be paid.
  • Without the income roofing company owners deserve, they aren’t able to invest in their business’ advertising, which means they aren’t growing the way they want to.
  • And, without the right sales staff, they aren’t getting the projects they want or need, so owners aren’t paying themselves the money they want or deserve.

Does that sound familiar? Can you relate to these owners?

It’s okay because there’s a solution: Work with third party administrators like Balance Claims.

By working with Balance Claims’ third party administrators, the owners from the above scenarios start to see real ROI on their insurance jobs, which can have a lasting impact on their business.

  • With the money they’re owed, like supplemental claim money, roofing company owners are able to make more money on each insurance job you create.
  • When they have more money, owners are able to pay sales staff the commission they deserve.
  • With a well-paid and happy sales staff, owners are able to close more jobs and have more projects to work on, which results in increased profits allowing owners to invest in marketing and advertising to grow the business.
  • As the business grows, owners are able to pay themselves more and have the lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of.

Sounds great, right? The business owner in the above scenario can easily be you with help from Balance Claims. Our insurance claims specialists will work with insurance carriers on your behalf from estimate through final invoice, you don’t have to worry about the claims management process. With our unique approach, you’ll be able to see the results you’ve always dreamed of.

Ready to learn how Balance can help you gain thousands of dollars in profit every year and keep your sales staff? Contact us today to start growing your business!