Virtual Claims Are Here To Stay

Virtual Claims Are Here To Stay

Despite social distancing guidelines, mask requirements and a phased “re-opening”, almost all U.S. states are seeing record COVID-19 cases over the past few weeks. Unfortunately, this likely means COVID-19 restrictions will be here to stay, at least through the end of the year. And virtual claims are here to stay. 

Contractors who didn’t adapt to meet social distancing requirements will need to start, and fast. Not only will more homeowners start requiring inspections to be “contact free” the claims process is evolving fast to ensure everyone is safe. 

So, what should contractors focus on right now? Read on to get tips from our team of claims experts. 

1. Go Virtual

Going virtual is a benefit to you, your company, and your client. Train your teams to get in the habit of asking new customers their preferred inspection method. Make sure you are using video conferencing platforms or social media video messaging options like Facebook Messenger and What’sApp. 

Change or update your online ads and marketing to reflect that touch-free inspections are an option. Make sure to check the Google Map listing for your business – sometimes Google will NOT show your location unless you have provided a COVID-19 update. 

2. Proper Claim Documentation Is Critical 

Virtual claims and inspections done by insurance carriers are becoming more prevalent – and that could mean missed damage resulting in a lower claim payout. In order to combat this, ensure that each member of your team is properly documenting all aspects of any claim to avoid additional delays. 

Creating a standardized “damage assessment” protocol for storm damage claims will go a long way in making sure your entire team is on the same page and nothing is missed. 

3. Establish An In-House Supplement Team

An in-house team creates consistency with claims, virtual claims or not. Plus, it’s easier to manage and train one person on how to handle a virtual claim than your entire sales team and hope that everyone gets it right.

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If you don’t have the means to create an internal team, find the right partner and outsource. Learn how we can help.

4. Minimize Claim Turnaround Time

Proper claim documentation and higher claim settlement go hand in hand. It’s merely due to the damage being properly documented and presented to the carrier in a way that allows them to complete their own processes and make payment efficiently.

Does your company have:

  • A damage assessment process?
  • Photo collection checklist for a claim?
  • CRM to house claim documents and info?
  • Internal supplement team?

5. Get Paid For ALL The Work You Do

Massive layoffs due to COVID-19 could mean that homeowners and policyholders will be hanging on tight to any extra cash they have. This could mean that jobs will be harder to come by in the next few months. One way to ensure your business continues to grow during the unprecedented times is to ensure you are getting fairly paid for ALL the work you do. How much could you be losing with each claim? Check this post

Need Help?

At Balance, our goal is to assist contractors to manage their businesses as efficiently and effectively as possible. During an unprecedented time like COVID-19, this goal is more important than ever. 

We have the largest claims admin department of educated and accredited Xactimate experts, which means you will not have to worry about the accuracy of any claim or supplement ever. We pride ourselves in helping our customers grow their business by offering the highest level of estimating, claim management, insurance billing, file management, funding, advocacy, and consulting.

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