Hail Season Is Almost Here – Are You Hiring Yet?

Hail season will be here before you know it. If you are a roofing company business owner and have not started thinking about hiring – now’s the time. Why? Approximately 90% of roofing companies lose the people they hire outside of their core group. Losing employees is hard on any business but it’s especially hard on contractors in a busy storm season.

The good news is you can be a part of the 10% that retains them with just a few minor changes. Here’s how:

Effective recruiting starts at the beginning with how the job is presented.

While we see sales as an opportunity, they hear a lack of security. The solution: present it differently. Refrain from using terms like sell or sales to avoid the perceived lack of job security. If the position is described with confidence, it will generate organic enthusiasm for the position instead of trying to force them to be excited. Instead of it being interpreted as a risky but high reward opportunity, it will turn the job into a highly desirable job with unique benefits.

Don’t fight the mindset, work it to your ability.

Millennials have a bad rap when it comes to working in today’s environment. They are addicted to technology, look for easy solutions to problems and can be difficult to communicate with. However, studies show they really do want to accomplish great things and contribute to the organizations they work for. Use this to your advantage and make sure to convey the “fringe” benefits of the job like helping people, flexible scheduling, and more.

Hire people that seek money as a motivator.

Most people go into sales because they want instant results and instant cash. Use this to your advantage by seeking potential employees that are competitive and desire to make the most money. If they don’t want the money, they won’t be good employees.

Hire likable people.

Did the last person you interviewed make a good impression? If the interview went more like a conversation, it would be worth bringing them in for a second interview. The beauty of salespeople is how easy they get along with people because people buy from people they like.

Hire people who ask good questions.

 While money is a great motivator for some, it doesn’t work for all. Money is important for a job, but it’s only a piece of the job. If your interviewee asks questions about methods, techniques, and the training process, there is potential.

Offer Training

 Sometimes the best way to ensure employees are properly trained is to use an outside source. It’s less work for you and ensures that each team member has the proper foundation of information to be successful. One of the best roofing trainings available right now has been put together by Art of the Supplement. This course is designed to teach how the insurance process works and what steps every person should take to better position their company for success.


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