It’s never been harder to be a roofing contractor and to get claims fairly paid. Increased competition, UPPA laws and regulations, carriers acting unfairly have significantly changed how contractors can be a part of the claim process. COVID 19 has added even more challenges. 

The single best way to ensure you are getting paid for all the work you do on a claim is to think like an insurance adjuster. 

Proper claim documentation and organization on your end often means faster payment times and less back and forth communication with carriers. Here are three things roofing contractors should keep in mind when working insurance claims. 

1. Account for Every Line Item On Claim Estimates 

Contractors need to be diligent when writing estimates, especially when Xactimate is used. This software is full of small components that can significantly reduce the revenue on a claim and can cause you to end up working for free. The best way to ensure claims are fairly paid is to have your estimate written correctly, with every line item accounted for. 

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2. Proper Documentation

In most states, the “burden of proof” for a property damage loss is on the policyholder. This means that photos, videos, notes and any historical information proving the damage exists are critical to all claims. As a contractor who has been tasked with assessing damage, your main focus when performing inspections should be to get proof the damage exists in the form of photos and videos. You should never, ever rely on the carrier adjuster as most don’t even have the training needed on how to spot hail damage.  

3. Know the Process

Right or wrong, insurance carriers have their own way of doing things. Often, the field adjuster simply funnels the claim information up the ladder which means multiple people who have never even seen the property in question will be involved in making claim decisions. Proper documentation, organization and structured follow-up can make a world of difference in the claims process – especially when it comes to getting paid for all the work you do. 

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How We Can Help

Sometimes the best defense is a good offense. If you are a roofing contractor struggling to handle the estimating or supplement process for insurance claims – we are here to help. Not only do we assist contractors in finding the right training to create an in-house team, we can also take on the entire process for you. Contact Balance about business or consulting by calling 888-618-0367 or by emailing success@balancedclaims.com.

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