Running a Process Driven Organization

Running a Process Driven Organization

Running a Process Driven Organization

Running a process driven organization with optimized technology can help to drastically improve the odds of your business surviving and thriving. We’re going to go through a few points to explain why:


Why is process critical to your business?

It is impossible to scale a business without a commitment to establishing efficient, repeatable processes.  Only through a defined and optimized process can you benchmark your performance and then develop the efficiencies to take your company to the next level.   As you are establishing the processes that will help you scale your business, make sure they are clearly defined, realistic, measurable, and enforceable. Your employees and partners cannot adhere to a processes that aren’t clear, streamlined, and reportable. If your team doesn’t understand the process, you won’t be able to maximize your return on their investment. A define process is a must!


What is “Optimized Technology?”

Optimized Technology is simply technology that is customized to your business and that takes advantage of various integrations that allow you to execute your business process as efficiently and effectively as possible in order to maximize revenue in the lease amount of time. Here are some examples of various business technology platforms that should be customized, optimized, and integrated wherever possible:

  • CRM
  • Phone System
  • Marketing Automation Platform
  • Presentation Software
  • Billing Software
  • Measurement Tools
  • Business Intelligence Software
  • Estimatics Software


How to Drive and Ensure Adoption

At Balance, we live by the mantra, “If it isn’t in Insightly [our CRM], it didn’t happen…and if it didn’t happen, commissions can’t be paid.” There are two ways to ensure that your team adopts and embraces your processes. 1) Incentivizing quality work, clean files, and passed audits, and 2) Penalizing shoddy work and incomplete files. The combination of the two should show you who on your team is willing to put in the work and who will likely become your future leaders.


The Balance “Stack”

What integrated suite of  tools do we use in our own business? We practice what we preach!

  • Insightly CRM: Client Relationship Management and Project Management Platform
  • Microsoft 265: Email, Calendar, and chat functionality
  • Drop Box: Clients and Internal File Sharing
  • Google Drive: Collaborative Document Sharing
  • Ring Central: VoIP Phone System
  • Eagle View/RoofScope: Measurement Tools
  • Xactimate: Estimate writing


Bringing it All Together

Without a defined process and optimized technology, you will make the same mistakes over and over again. You will be inefficient and won’t be able to properly scale your business! When you embrace process and technology to maximize the productivity of your team, only then are you ready to scale your business. And remember, process improvement never ends!