Contractors: How To Prepare For Hurricane Season


Contractors: How To Prepare For Hurricane Season

The 2018 hurricane season is here, and weather experts are already predicting 4-6 hurricanes to hit the U.S. If this year is more active that last year, that could mean a busy off season for many contractors.  But before you decide to take on any job post-storm, consider whether your business is prepared enough to handle it.

After a storm, the demand surge for labor and materials, coupled with unfamiliar locations and the unique job-site hazards associated with post-event situations, can create significant risks and challenges for contractors. Before you move to a new location and a new storm, you should always ensure you have a skilled workforce large enough to handle new jobs, review your business insurance coverage and state/local laws that apply to restoration contractors. Here are our top three tips on ways to prepare now.

1. Become A Full-Service Restoration Contractor

A home’s roof isn’t the only thing that can be damaged by a hurricane – high winds and flooding can level a home. Contactors who don’t offer full-service restoration should start hiring and training staff now. Why? Even if a hurricane doesn’t hit, diversifying your service offerings adds to your bottom line. Learn how we can help.

2. Stay Compliant

A new area often means new rules, laws and regulations when working with insurance claims and a single mistake can be costly. The unauthorized practice of public adjusting or UPPA is now the single most important issue contractors across the U.S. are facing. Outsourcing your estimates and supplements is one way to stay compliant in any state.

3. Being Competitive Means Staying Efficient

As you already know time is not on your side after a hurricane or severe weather event. Failure to target damaged areas and deploy your sales team in a timely manner can make or break how successful your roofing company is after a storm. One way to stay ahead of your competition is to ensure your company is running as efficiently as possible and that often means outsourcing your claims department.

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