Why You Should Supplement Commercial Roofing Projects

You’re missing out on maximizing ALL of your profits if you’re not supplementing your commercial projects along with your residential ones.

As you know, commercial roofing requires more labor, materials, and generally takes up more surface area than residential roofing does. 

Balance is here to make sure you’re not left in the dark when push comes to shove with your commercial roofing projects. Here are a few reasons why you should supplement your commercial projects, as well as your residential ones.

Maximize Profits

Just as with supplementing residential claims, by supplementing your commercial claims, you’re able to maximize your profits and make more money on what truly matters: the actual job itself.

With Balance Claims, you’ll be able to focus on both your residential and commercial projects while we take care of the dirty work. This leaves your company earning more profits in the end.

Ensure You’re Doing the Best Work Possible

Without a roofing supplement, it’s easy for an insurance adjuster to overlook certain aspects of loss on a job. 

An insurance adjuster’s job is to estimate the scope of damage. However, at the end of the day, their estimate is just an estimate. Supplementing a project helps ensure that none of the issues, damage, or amount of materials you will need for the job are miscalculated. That way, you’ll confidently have all of the required supplies and preparation needed to do the best job possible.

On a commercial roofing project, you’re (generally) covering a lot more area. Due to this, you need more materials and it takes you more time to complete than with a residential project. 

Peace of Mind

Nobody wants the added stress of not knowing what to do when your contracting company needs more materials for an insurance claim, or when you don’t know exactly how to write an estimate.

By supplementing your commercial claims, you’ll have better peace of mind knowing all of your claims are properly supplemented. Meaning, you’ll spend your time and energy on working with your customers, not on claims.

Why have Balance help you with supplements?

The process of writing supplements can be confusing, difficult, and time-consuming to handle all on your own. That’s why getting help from a third-party file administration company like Balance Claims can make a world of difference with your claims process. With our help contractors get a customized supplementing plan and more time to focus on growing their business. We have a large industry-leading expert staff at hand ready to help you get the profit you deserve. 

Don’t struggle through the claims process alone anymore! Contact us today at 888-618-0367 or visit our website to schedule a commitment-free introductory call today.