With COVID quarantine and social distancing in high swing, people all over the world are turning to social media platforms to stay entertained. For contractors in areas with limited or no door knocking ability now is the time to evaluate and increase your digital marketing to reach these users and generate inbound leads. Here are the top 5 (almost free) platforms to focus on right now.


 80% of all internet users use Facebook and most check it multiple times a day. This is a large audience that you could appeal to. And with a lot of people socially distancing themselves and working from home, that number is sure to increase. Now is time to increase posts on your page and get in front of users.

An additional benefit of Facebook is having your posts/content delivered through ads. Facebook advertising is the most effective when aiming for a certain target audience. With options to target by age, interests, behavior, and location, there are several ways to engage with your audience and potential customers. Another benefit is how inexpensive and quick it is to reach people. A side effect of using Facebook ads is an increase in brand awareness and website traffic. If you have a limited marketing budget but need to reach the maximum amount of users Facebook is your best bet.

Google Ads

Google is the top search engine, so it’s easy to use their data to work in your favor. With Google Ads, you can target your audience so your ads is in the right time and place for the right person. This is done by using keywords, demographics, locations, frequency of ads, and device choice. It is also easy to measure success. You can track actions like clicks, purchases, and downloads. You can also track the average cost and your customer’s shopping habits. All these tools help you evaluate which campaigns are successful and where to put resources.

Email Marketing

Have previous customer email addresses? Create a referral program and send it out to them. Some email programs, like Mailchimp, are free up to 2,000 people.


The real beauty of LinkedIn is the audience. LinkedIn is made of other likeminded professionals that also want to join those connections and be a part of the industry. Those connections make your business more noticeable and again, adds to your business’s credibility. It can also get you right in front of business owners, property managers, HOA’s and apartment complex managers who may be dealing with roof related issues but can’t get ahold of their normal contractors.


Individuals use NextDoor as a method of connecting with their community. Businesses can join as well and be a part of the community. Nextdoor has capabilities of neighbors asking for referrals, which is why your business should be on there. While also seeking referrals, neighbors will comment and evaluate your services and products. The best part? It’s free.

While this current time may create stress and anxiety, there is one thing you can control and it’s your business. Taking advantage of digital marketing is one way to generate inbound leads and help grow your business – even during a pandemic.

Has COVID-19 changed how you are marketing your roofing business? Connect with us on Facebook and LinkedIn and share your story with us.