In a recent survey, 70% of contractors across the US reported extra challenges due to COVID19 including a loss of business, postponed jobs, trouble implementing new technologies, and more. With COVID19 still presenting challenges, it has never been more important to ensure claims are getting paid accurately. And virtual training can change that. 

But how much could you be losing out on your claim? Our data shows that insurance claim estimates get underpaid by at least $2,000. 

If you are tired of getting paid less and doing more when working insurance claims, we can help. John Dye with Art of the Supplement provides contractors the virtual training needed to improve your claim handling skills and properly supplement claims. 

Right now we have two virtual training options: a Bootcamp and a Masterclass. Read on to learn which one is right for you and click to register today. Don’t forget spots fill fast! So don’t miss out!

Supplement Master Class

First, we have the Masterclass. This Masterclass will turn you into the Claims Master you’ve always wanted to be! The class is structured around the four weeks of intensive training. Each week there are two sessions. One is an instructional session, the other a practical session. Throughout the class, there are comprehensive tests and quizzes. Then a final exam is given at the end. To become an Art of the Supplement Certified Expert, you must pass the final exam with over a 75% score. 

Supplement Bootcamp

The Supplement Bootcamp is a fraction of the time compared to the Masterclass. In these four hour live session, you’ll learn how the insurance process really works. You’ll learn new skills like what information to gather, how to speak to carriers, and more! With a 4.9 rating on Facebook, we have to be doing something right! 

John Dye created the Art of the Supplement, and he has been an active third party insurance supplementer since 2011. John has traveled the nation to help contractors set up the proper systems and processes to ensure claims get paid properly and handled efficiently. He’s increased claim amounts by 20% nationwide! 

Interested in learning how we can help you? Contact us by calling 888-618-0367 or by emailing