How APA Is Fighting For You Even If You’re Not A Member (Yet)

How APA Is Fighting For You Even If You’re Not A Member (Yet)

How APA Is Fighting For You Even If You’re Not A Member (Yet)

The American Policyholder Association has been working diligently to help stop one of the issues that plague the restoration industry: insurance fraud against policyholders. Anyone who works in the roofing or restoration industry knows this is going to be no easy task. New legislation, laws, and regulations are making it harder than ever for contractors to succeed and effectively service policyholders after severe weather events.

Yet, over the past few months, their work in bringing awareness to issues we all face has been gaining traction. Insurance carriers are paying attention. Restoration contractors are already reporting instances of fraud and are being taken seriously by the APA team. Imagine if contractors across the US banded together and joined the APA’s mission?

If you are not a member yet, we encourage you to join now. Even if you don’t become a member, having their contact information readily available to report instances of insurance fraud can and will help you and your customers.

Here’s how the APA is fighting for you:

The APA uses a four-part strategy for battling insurance fraud: proactive lobbying, identifying fraud, prosecuting fraud and publicizing fraud.

1.Proactive Lobbying

In the aftermath of a catastrophic weather event, the APA is committed to working with state and local elected officials, licensing boards and industry groups to open lines of communication and find solutions.

2. Identify Fraud

The APA complies evidence of specific cases of fraud committed by engineers, adjusters, and insurers makes formal fraud complaints directly to AG offices and state fraud units.

3.Prosecute Fraud

After the APA has identified criminal fraud, the APA can go immediately to the executive branch and request elected officials to take immediate action to help a consumer.

4. Publicizing Fraud

The APA provides these media sources on the record statements by victims and whistleblowers to identify the criminal actors and acts.

At Balance, we stand against any type of fraud in the industry: insurer, service provider, contractor, industry, insured.

We also believe that together we are stronger, our voices louder, and the synergy of our actions more powerful which is why we are encouraging all our clients and partners to join the APA & will be rebating back to all clients the cost of their annual professional membership in full.

Use this link to learn more about membership options and register today. 

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