3 Reasons Why You Should Use a CRM

CRM software systems are powerful tools that contractors need to be using to level up their businesses. A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) program is designed to provide your business with a central hub of information that is easily accessible. Within a CRM, you will be able to organize information about leads, customers, estimations, and job sites in a cohesive way.  

Streamline Your Processes

Clunky, inefficient processes are losing your business money! A great way to streamline the processes your business uses is to implement the use of a CRM. The first process a CRM can improve is lead follow-up. CRMs help document lead contact information and can identify leads that have converted into customers. Once a deal is closed, your CRM can be used to make sure that customer and job site information is accurate and organized. Proper and thorough documentation of every job in your CRM will also be beneficial for improving your insurance supplement process. 

Maximize Selling Opportunities

Being able to automate steps of your marketing and sales processes will naturally increase the opportunities your company has to close deals. CRMs are a pivotal tool in developing successful email marketing campaigns. The goal of your marketing efforts is to move potential customers through the sales funnel from a lead to a closed deal. Organized information is essential to track where in your sales funnel a customer is. Being more informed about your customer base will result in more successful marketing efforts and more sales.

Improve Your Customer Relationships

Because a CRM will allow your business to keep track of customer information with efficiency, your customer service quality will increase. Without a centralized system to keep track of customer information, important details are likely to fall through the cracks. When a customer can tell that your team is not up to speed with their needs, their experience will suffer. A CRM will make it easier for your team to effectively coordinate follow-up contact with both leads and customers.

Some of the best CRMs for roofing contractors that we recommend are Acculynx, JobNimbus, and Company Cam. If you are looking for solutions for leveling up your business, Balance Claims is here to help! We can provide guidance on how to implement a CRM or other tools to improve efficiency. Schedule an introductory call with us by filling out this form.