2020 Hurricane Season: Warm Water Means More Damage

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2020 Hurricane Season: Warm Water Means More Damage

Hurricane season officially began this month. In fact, it started in late May when the first Atlantic storm was named. 

Tropical Storm Arthur brought severe weather of heavy rain and strong winds to the coast near North Carolina. Arthur had a maximum of 60 mph winds. But this is only a sample of what’s to come. 

One set of researchers predicted 14-18 tropical storms this season. Out of those, seven to nine are expected to reach hurricane-strength and two to four will be major hurricanes. Another set of experts found similar predictions. They predict 13 total hurricanes with seven hurricanes and three being major hurricanes. 

If the waters continue to be warm, it could prompt a storm similar to Harvey from 2017. The estimated loss in 2018 was $18.4-20.4 billion! 

If you’re not prepared to take on post-storm jobs, here’s how to prepare. 

1. Become a Full-Service Restoration Contractor

Storms affect more than just roofs. Winds and flooding can level a home and ruin siding or windows. Even if you’re not in a storm-prone area, adding more services benefits your company overall. Now if the time to recruit and train staff. 

2. Stay Compliant

A new area means new laws, rules, and regulations. Especially when working with insurance claims, one mistake can be costly. Unauthorized public adjusting is the most important issue contractors across the U.S. are facing. You can stay compliant by outsourcing your estimates and supplements. 

3. Staying Efficient 

There are several storm restoration companies out there, but why should they choose you? If you’re the most efficient at settling a claim, your business will stand out. Failing to deploy a team in a timely manner or target damaged areas can hurt your reputation. To stay ahead of the competition, outsourcing your claims will increase your company’s speed and keep homeowners happy. 

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