Why Should You Join The Catalyst Group?

The Catalyst Group is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to generate positive change in the roofing industry by connecting like-minded vendors and contractors.

In an industry where everyone from vendors to contractors to clients can be exposed to a lot of “noise,” The Catalyst Group is a nonprofit organization that wants to be an agent of positive change! Starting from the top and working down is how TCG is working to foster relationships that uplift the roofing industry. Whether you are a vendor or a roofing contractor, here are the benefits of joining. 


The Catalyst Group is For Vendors

If you are looking to join an organization where you can access other top industry professionals, The Catalyst Group is for you! Learning how other vendors are bringing value to their clients and having access to exclusive educational materials can help you improve your own business. The focus of TCG is on “Thought Leadership.” Its main goal and objective is to educate and help shape the industry through knowledge transfer, entrepreneurial spirit, team engagement, and friendship/comradery amongst peers. 

The Catalyst Group connects vendors to contractors that are looking for the industry’s best services. Monthly meetings keep members up-to-date on industry news, and they keep everyone connected. Promotional events such as conventions and webinars can help increase your brand’s awareness. And of course, promotion on TCG social media pages and digital marketing is a plus! 


TCG is Also For Contractors

Finding vendors that you can trust has never been easier than with a free contractor membership with The Catalyst Group. Vendor members aren’t just trying to sell stuff to contractors, they are wanting to form beneficial business partnerships. By signing up for your free contractor membership, you get access to exclusive information on deals, opportunities, and industry trends. 

Balance Claims is a proud vendor member of The Catalyst Group. To connect with us, check us out on Facebook or LinkedIn, or send us a message.