Labor Shortage Creates Challenges For Roofing Contractors

Labor Shortage Creates Challenges For Roofing Contractors

Labor Shortage Creates Challenges For Roofing Contractors

Storm season is upon us and for many roofing contractors that means more customers, more jobs and ultimately more headaches if your business is  suffering from a lack of install crews ready to handle the jobs.

According to one recent survey, skilled trades (like carpenters, home builders, etc.) have maintained the number 1 position for job vacancies since 2010. It also says that these jobs are the hardest to fill in the country. The survey goes on to note that the unpresented skilled-labor shortage stems from a combination of the Great Recession’s record levels of unemployment, industry veterans leaving the workforce and the fact that many high school graduates are not interested in blue-collar jobs.

Several initiatives have been started to help bridge the labor gap, but in the meantime roofing contractors should focus on streamlining efficiencies to improve workflow and job progress. What do you need to focus on? Here are a few ideas:

1. Use Software Designed For Roofing Contractors

If you are using a project management or CRM system that was not created specifically for roofing contractors, you are wasting time and making your life harder. Several software options are available like AccuLynx and JobNimbus that are designed to help contractors manage contacts, jobs, tasks, documents, supply orders and more. Research to find one that meets your business needs and use it.

2. Upgrade Your Apps

Everything can be done on a smart phone these days and your business activities shouldn’t be any different. Use apps like SalesRabbit and CompanyCam to track leads and document jobs. Get your sales team on board and train everyone to maximize efficiency while in the field.

3. Get Expert Help From Industry Leaders

Does your team need more training – especially in Xactimate? Make it happen. Do you need consulting or business guidance? Get help now.

Regardless of what position your business is in, changes are you or your team could benefit from some sort of help, guidance or training. Partner with industry leaders like ContractorCoachPro and Higgs Professional Consulting, and No Time for Social to improve business efficiency, productivity and ultimately your profitability.

4. Stay Compliant

Roofing laws and regulations vary by state, city and sometimes even the county. Avoid fines and lawsuits by staying compliant with contacts, supplements, marketing, sales pitches etc. Should you need expert help on a claim, find a reputable Public Adjuster.

5. Stop Leaving Money On The Table

We’ve talked to hundreds of contractors who know they are losing money on some insurance claim jobs due to the inability to talk to insurance companies about the scope of work. If you’re in a similar situation, we may be able to help. Our team works diligently and intentionally to ethically and legally ensure every claim we manage is handled in a professional, compliant, thorough, and expeditious manner.

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