Virtual Supplement BootCamp


The Industries Leading Insurance Process Training is now VIRTUAL.
Art of the Supplement along with Balance Claims is excited to announce the Virtual Supplement Bootcamp!
This is a four-hour event, packed with value for contractors and roofers who work with insurance claims.
Working with insurance carriers and understanding the insurance process is essential to ensuring that you are properly compensated for the work that you do, and keeping you from doing work for free!
During this event you will learn:
-How the Insurance Process Really Works
-The Proper Way to Help Empower Your Customer
-Introduce You to Tools that Will Support Your Documentation
-Best Documentation Practices and Strategies
-Communication Tips & Tricks For Best Results
About John Dye and Art of the Supplement
John Dye was born into a contractors home, he got involved in the industry in 2000 and has been actively supplementing claims for contractors since 2010.
He is a Licensed Adjuster, active Appraiser, and known expert in Supplementing.
Art of the Supplement was developed in 2018 as a way to help individual contractors set up and establish internal supplementing departments, and in 2019 the Supplement Bootcamp was created and has had over 600 contractors attend!
John is a frequent speaker at industry events, and also the creator and producer of The American Contractor Show, an industry minded weekly show.


Feb 03 2021


1:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Online Event