Balance Claims Invites You to ContractorCoachPRO’s Contractor Strategy Workshop

Balance Claims believes in helping you, the contractor, to grow your business and do so with the best tools and workshops in the industry. ContractorCoachPRO contractor's strategy workshop.Balance Claims is excited to introduce you to the Head Coach, Jim Johnson with ContractorCoachPRO and let you know about the “Contractors Strategy Workshop”. We have seen Jim Coach Contractors to WIN for the last 5 years and the “Contractors Strategy Workshop” is their best event of the year.

Here is the “nitty gritty”…


If you are a contractor and find it difficult to get everyone on the same page with a strategy for the coming year, the Contractor’s Strategy Workshop is the simple step-by-step tool you need to help you create a strategy that everyone can believe in and hold them accountable to.

This Workshop is the same strategy creation exercise that ContractorCoachPRO uses with their 1-on-1 clients, year after year, to help them DOUBLE, TRIPLE and even QUADRUPLE their revenues while also increasing their profits up to 10% over the course of the following 12 months.

The Contractor’s Strategy Workshop is a Live Event taking place December 12-13th in Montgomery, TX that will give you the guidance, resources, and tools you need to build and implement your strategy for every aspect of your business.

Click the “Learn More” button to see how the Contractor’s Strategy Workshop can make the single biggest difference in your company’s success for 2018! The Contractor’s Strategy Workshop fills up fast! Last year the event sold out in less than a week so don’t hesitate to get one of the 25 spots available.

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Feel free to call or email ContractorCoachPRO’s Head Coach, Jim Johnson, with any questions or further explanation that you may need:

Jim Johnson

See, short and to the point, just like your strategy for 2018 can be…

Thanks for taking the time to read our email and whether you choose to attend the “Contractor’s Strategy Workshop” or not, we wish you a very Prosperous New Year in 2018!