The Importance of an In-House Supplement Team

“It’s critical that clients in the contracting space that are working with Balance or any other outsourced third-party administrators have an in-house team,” Troy Clymer, Balance CEO

If you are like most roofing companies, you’re used to running a lean team. It’s just you, your sales team and maybe a front office person. After all, the most important position to keep filled is sales, right? And you can handle the rest?

Not necessarily.

Why Have An In-House Supplement Team

In our experience working with thousands of contractors across the U.S., we have found that one of the biggest predictors of long-term success is having an in-house claim supplement team. Why? Two reasons.

The first is an in-house team creates consistency with claims. Plus, it’s easier to manage and train one person on how to handle a claim supplement than your entire sales team and hope that everyone gets it right.

The second reason an in-house team is so important is it saves everyone time. The less time that your sales team spends doing paperwork, making calls, and chasing payments means more time being spent doing what they are good at – selling.

Finding An Outsourced Partner

Your claim supplement needs will change as your business grows. You first need a partner that will accommodate that.

If you’re a brand-new roofing company and you’re very small, you need to focus on sales in the first year or two to get things launched. It might be important to outsource a large percentage of that — maybe 100% of that — to get off the ground. A lot of our clients do that. On the flip side, larger companies will hand off 40-60% of their claim workload to us.

“Doing it in-house doesn’t mean you have to do it all, but you should be doing some percentage of that in-house,” Troy Clymer, Balance – COO

At Balance, our number one goal is to help educate our customers and provide solutions that work for them. That’s why we spend so much time teaching young roofing companies the value in setting up their own internal departments.

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