Take A Stand and Join APA

Balance Joins The American Policy Holders Association To Fight Fraud

Take A Stand and Join APA

While we may not be contractors ourselves, we know the challenges contractors face in this industry today. New legislation, laws and regulations are making it harder than ever for contractors to succeed and effectively service policyholders after severe weather events.  Internally, our goal has always been to help ensure contractors remain compliant and stay up-to-date on the ever-changing landscape of the file administration insurance process.  But recently we’ve decided to take an even bigger stand to assist contractors and policyholders across the U.S by joining the American Policyholder Association or APA.

The American Policyholder Association is a nonprofit, 501c4, watchdog organization that promotes integrity, honesty and best practices in the property loss adjustment sector of the insurance industry. APA is comprised of property owner policyholders, nonprofit organizations, and advocates with a mission to provide aid to property owners seeking benefits at the time of loss.

We believe that together we are stronger, our voices louder, and the synergy of our actions more powerful which is why we are encouraging all our clients and partners to join the APA & will be rebating back to all clients the cost of their annual professional membership in full.

This rebate will be issued as a credit for invoiced services in the amount of $165 per month for 6 consecutive months = $990.00 rebate on Balance services.

Visit us to sign up at: https://apassociation.org/professional-membership-options/

We stand against any type of fraud in the industry: insurer, service provider, contractor, industry, insured. There is no place for any of it. The APA is to report and encourage prosecution of fraud committed by the insurance company engineers and adjusters.


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