How to Master the Insurance Supplement Process

Is your business leaving thousands of dollars on the table without a solid insurance supplement claim process? Balance Claims can help!

As we look back at the first two months of 2021, Balance Claims helped our clients earn back an average of $8,000 on its top weekly supplement claims. That means that these top claims generated an average of a 73% increase for the projects that we completed supplements on. The thought of leaving $8,000 on the table sure does sting, but you might be surprised at how common it is to lose money by not properly completing insurance supplements. Balance Claims is here to help your business master the insurance supplement process!

Document, Document, Document!

The first key to improving your supplement process: documentation. Having a clearly defined documentation process that can be applied at every job is a must. Pictures that support damage claims reduce the amount of time it takes for a supplement to be processed. However, if your job site photos are not properly organized, this can create even more headaches! That’s why a tool like Company Cam is essential to keep your whole team on the same page. Company Cam takes the stress out of digital file storage so that your photos are easy to find for every supplement.

Build Up Your Supplement Team

Developing an in-house supplement team is a must for roofing contractors. By having an in-house team, you can reduce errors and streamline your supplement process with uniform training. Your sales team needs to be able to do what it does best- sell! Having a dedicated team for insurance claims frees up more time for your sales team and reduces errors that cost your business money.

Outsourcing to Free Up Time and Reduce Errors

Having an outsourced partner to assist your supplement team helps reduce pressure and prevent costly errors. Balance Claims writes accurate Xactimate estimates that save your business time while you build your supplement team and streamline processes. In offering outsourced estimate services and consulting, Balance Claims can help turn your roofing contractor business into insurance supplement pros. With our help, you can stop leaving money on the table today!

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