Drowning in Flood Job Files? We Can Help.

Drowning in Flood Job Files? We Can Help.

It’s been a busy season for hurricanes and contractors should be expecting a flood of potential work. So far there are upward of 185,000 insurance claims filed for damage caused by Hurricane Florence with thousands more expected. 78,045 insurance claims have been filed so far for Hurricane Michael damage in Florida alone. Many of these claims are for water and flood damage. Is your roofing or restoration business ready to take on those job files?

With the proper tools and training, water mitigation and restoration contractors can assist in restoring structures back to the way they were, but as you already know, getting an accurate insurance job file assessment is the first step.

If you’re that contractor and your job is to restore a building back to pre-storm conditions, then you know how stressful presenting an invoice to an insurance adjuster can be. It’s not always easy. Did you include all the details? Did you record all the service trips? Did you jot down all the equipment and properly mark when it was being used? Hiring a professional services firm to assist with the job file estimate writing process can help.

At Balance, we specialize in helping you process those water mitigation insurance job file invoices. As the nation’s largest, most successful construction professional services file administrator, we can take on the file process for water, mold and flood damage jobs to save you time increasing the efficiency of your business. We have the largest job file admin department comprised of educated and accredited Xactimate experts, which means you will not have to worry about the accuracy of any construction estimate or supplement ever. We pride ourselves in helping our customers grow their business by offering the highest level of estimating, supplement management, job file admin and consulting.

So how much money are you leaving on the table by not using Balance? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your company grow, save time and increase profit margins.

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