How Drones Are Changing the Contracting Industry

contractors using drones

How Drones Are Changing the Contracting Industry

Panton is a UAV roof inspection platform bringing machine learning and artificial intelligence into the roofing industry. With drone-acquired imagery, Panton analyzes roof conditions and delivers detailed damage detection, measurement, and estimate reports. Their business platform enables contractors to conduct daily operations more efficiently, timely, and intelligently. At Balance, we work to help contracting businesses close more deals at higher margins. We are excited to work with Panton to help accomplish this goal!

The primary goal of a civilian drone is to gather data via media. They take high quality photos and videos from an aerial perspective. This information can be melded with a number of software to report on roof conditions, materials, and other important data about the roof. This can then be forwarded to a contractor or client. Reporting work is often what is most time consuming in the process of roof repairs or replacements. Drones have become a highly timesaving technology!

Hours off on-site, dangerous work can be avoided by sending a drone to do the reporting rather than sending a roof inspector. As all contractors know, after a storm roofs are often in bad condition. It can be highly dangerous to have an inspector on the roof to make sure a detailed report is being performed. Drones allow contractors to view more roofs  faster and safer.

Drones have found a use in more than roofing. General contractors, siding replacement companies, painters, etc., are using drones to provide their clients with timely updates and take high quality photos of projects as they progress.

This small scale, high powered technological advancement has proven itself to be practical, economical, and safer for contractors in every line of work. Have questions about bringing drones in your business? To learn more about Panton, visit And as always, contact Balance to help your business WIN!