Bring Balance To Your Business

With Balance in your corner, you can focus on selling, building, and maximizing profits while we handle the Balance focuses on the paperwork so you can focus on maximizing administration and paperwork. Balance is the fastest growing Business Process Outsourcer for residential building contractors in the country for a reason. Here’s why.

After an incredibly active storm season many contractors are finding themselves flooded with claims administration tasks and paperwork. When this happens, it is hard to stay focused on project management, sales, team development, and profitability. That’s where Balance comes in. Whether you have an in-house claims administration team and you just need a little extra help after a busy storm season, or you need a team of trained experts to handle all of your claims, we’ve got you covered. With Balance in your corner, you never have to deal with the delays and frustration that often accompany claims administration.

Expedite Your Claims Process With Our Tech-Savvy Team

When gathering information for estimates, nothing is more important than clear, concise, and accurate data. That’s why Balance uses XACTIMATE®, along with other cutting-edge industry tools (I.e.: Company Cam, Scope Technologies, Eagle View etc….) to ensure that you get the most out of your claim, every time. In doing so, we also create an environment of accountability, compliance, and open communication with our clients. Balance can also work with your team directly in your CRM (Acculynx, Job Nimbus, etc….) for efficient communication. When you’re stressed out about the many stipulations and rigorous criterion that come with claims administration, your team can suffer. Partner with Balance Claims to take that weight off your shoulders.

How We Get The Job Done

The Balance team takes the challenging task of claims administration and breaks it down to a seamless, simple solution using our proven delivery platform comprised of process, experts, industry knowledge, and the best industry tools. When calculating estimates, Balance uses expert estimators that are dedicated to you and your business. Our team will ensure that your projects are given the time and attention they need to ensure you get the most value. Our large and dedicated team of specialists all work together to ensure that you are receiving dynamic, compliant, and fair services.

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