5 Ways Technology Can Improve Your Roofing Business

Can you imagine what it would be like to run your roofing business without your smartphone or computer? It would be almost impossible, especially today when technology allows us to communicate, track and improve business operations like never before. How else can technology grow your roofing business? Keep an eye on these top five trends. How many are you already implementing in your business?

1. CRM’s Made For Roofers

A customer relationship manager is a software tool that allows you to track customers, jobs, production, and payments all from one place. CRM systems like JobNimbus and Acculynx that exclusively cater to the roofing industry have moved companies from managing day-to-day operations in Excel and on whiteboards to the cloud for more efficiency. Better tracking and systems within your organization mean more growth so if you have not started to use a CRM in your roofing business, now’s the time.

2. Photo Documentation

Correctly documenting claims is critical, especially when it comes to supplements and getting claims paid correctly. But in the past, taking photos of jobs, saving them and uploading them later was a hassle. Now, thanks to businesses like CompanyCam the entire process is a breeze.

3. Streamlining The Claims Process

The overall claims process takes a LOT of time. Magnify that by hundreds and thousands of homeowners in a single area impacted by storms, and it’s easy to see how roofing contractors can easily get overwhelmed and start drowning in paperwork.

That’s where we come in. At Balance Claims, our goal is to simplify the process. By taking the day-to-day file management work off your team’s shoulders, they can focus on selling more jobs and completing current projects. Our efficient process frees up time and money for you to spend more on things like advertising, which in turn brings in more jobs and allows you to grow your business and pay yourself more.

4. Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value

The average homeowner may only replace their roof once in their lifetime. That’s not good news for any contractor, especially when it costs 7x more to get a brand-new customer instead of upselling one you already have. Thanks to technology, businesses like No Time for Social and Broadly can help use your existing customers to get more through online reviews and referral marketing.

5. Fraud Reporting

Insurance carrier underpayment, wrongful claim denials, and fraud are issues impacting restoration contractors each year. Thanks to technology and the power of connection, activist groups like American Policyholders Association is working to combat it and assist homeowners and contractors alike.

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