3 Reasons To Attend The American Contractor Summit Jan 14-15

3 Reasons To Attend The American Contractor Summit Jan 14-15

If you are a roofing contractor, you know there is no shortage of training events when it comes to improving your knowledge and skills – and not all are created equal. That’s one reason you should be selective when choosing events and training seminars to attend. At Balance, we’re committed to be an industry leader and providing top notch tools to roofing contractors which is why we’re so excited to be a part of the American Contractor Summit. Here are three reasons why you should sign up and join us for this live, virtual event!

1. Education Is A Top Priority

We are bringing the most knowledgeable experts in our industry to a special 2-day Summit designed to provide you with the information you need to make the most out of the massive shift that is happening in our economy right now!  See all the scheduled sessions here.

2. Embrace The Changes

2020 was a year of tremendous challenges – many of which are still impacting contractors now. This event is designed to prepare you for future changes and how to make the most out of your business right now.

3. Learn from The Best

If you have never been to an industry event, this is your opportunity to experience 12 speakers, and 2 panels, broadcasted from our state of the art, professional sound stage, and get an edge on your competition for 2021!  Our very own Troy Clymer will be presenting as a keynote speaker! Register now to get the latest tips on how contractors can use third-party supplement tools to expand their business, increase profits and streamline processes in 2021.

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