2 Months of CompanyCam on Balance Claims

2 Months of CompanyCam on Balance Claims

Special Offer from Balance Claims!

Get 2 months of CompanyCam paid for by Balance Claims

Photos are everything when it comes to maximizing insurance claim profits. That’s why the Balance Claims team has decided to pay for each of our clients to use CompanyCam for the 2 months. We believe that CompanyCam is such an important tool, we’re willing to pay out of our pocket for you to try it out.

CompanyCam will allow your company to work better with Balance Claims, getting us the documentation we need quickly and efficiently. In addition to your work with Balance Claims, CompanyCam is a great tool for all of your business–insurance related or not–and will keep all your crews connected. It’s a win all the way around, and we’re willing to foot the bill for your company to get started!

So, what is CompanyCam?

CompanyCam allows your team to snap smart photos in the field that automatically connect themselves to the right project using GPS and instantly sync back to the office–or into your CRM/project management solution. That way, you and your team–and Balance Claims–can easily find photos when you need them on the mobile app or web app.

CompanyCam online web application.

Plus, the real-time project feed enables your team to see the current progress at each job site, no matter where they are. No more driving to job sites or constantly texting photo updates.CompanyCam mobile application preview.

Your whole company can be up and running in less than 10 minutes.


Try CompanyCam for free.