Why Hire Claims Specialists?

You already know the problems caused by dealing directly with insurance companies.

Insurance Jobs Are Often Under Scoped

Very often insurance carriers will require specific or burdensome technical documentation to justify increasing the scope of projects, commit coverage for locally required building codes or add the cost of additional items discovered during the production process.

Balance Roof Insurance Claims

You increase out-of-pocket costs because you must bear the cost of inaccurate claims.

You Are Buried In Paperwork

From additional carrier requests for photos, code language and invoices, to just getting the information to the Insurance Carriers, the administrative burden required to consistently secure supplements require tremendous organizational structure.

Balance Roof Insurance Claims

Your employees spend time inefficiently dealing with claims and incurring costs.

Your Productivity & Schedule Get Delayed

Administrative delays with filing for depreciation or following up with less than cooperative Insurance Carriers slows down production of current jobs and release of monies to your business. Further, missed commitments and deadlines to property owners create customer service issues.

Balance Roof Insurance Claims

Your organization loses productivity due to insurance holdups; you may experience delayed cash flow.

Insurance Carriers Distract From Business

Focus is a key to growing any business. Mundane or complex technical and administrative tasks that can be handled via third party experts can help General Contractors do what they do best, focus on their core competencies of selling, building & billing jobs while leading and training their team.

Balance Roof Insurance Claims

Your opportunity cost due to lost & unfocused time affects the growth and quality of your business.

So Why Outsource?

When you outsource your insurance claims, you’ll start to see a difference right away.

Gain Significant Increased Profits Per Job

Our clients at Balance Claims average around $2,850.00 or more in additional profit per job! This significant increase in profitability per job translates into happy business owners, happy sales reps and a thriving business.

Free Up Your Employee’s Valuable Time

Stop arguing on the phone with Adjusters, let us deal with the Insurance Carrier for you. Your sales team will have more time to sell jobs, staff more time for daily duties and Owners have more time to manage their business.

Enjoy Consistent Cashflow

Balance works claims with a process driven approach that reconciles claims faster, more accurately, and with executive level reporting. This shortens the amount of time it takes for you to be able to file for depreciation and final invoice YOUR jobs.

Offer Superior Quality Services

Increased time focused on growing sales volume, quality craftsmanship, customer satisfaction and improved employee morale all lead to positive growth of your business and allows you to improve your services!

Balance Roof Insurance Claims

Save Time & Make More Money With Balance

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