Balance Claims helps our clients gain profits of $2,850 on average per residential roof job

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ROI Of 342%

Awesome Returns


A High-Growth, Mid-West US General Contractor realized an average supplement return amount of $2,950.52 across 402 residential property insurance restoration claims projects within a period of 18 months with an average total claim cycle time of 41 days (claim submittal to Balance through Final Invoice) yielding an average to Contractor ROI of 342%. This returned ~$1,000,000 + in net claims profits to this General Contractor for the 18- month time period.

Fast Results

Fast Results & Capacity for Claims Volume


A High-Growth, Central Plains US General Contractor realized immediate results when Balance took on 97 residential property insurance restoration claims projects for them in a 90-day period. Balance performed Field Data Surveyance at all remote state job sites, produced & submitted comprehensive Xactimate Estimates to Insurance Carriers, reconciled Supplements & Final Invoiced all projects while providing efficient project status & ROI reporting directly within the Contractors CRM & via spreadsheet. This streamlined production processes, organized cash flow and gave the client back significant time to focus on selling jobs, building jobs and growing their business!

Supplement of $3,808

Growth Catalyst for Start-up or Proprietor General Contractors


A savvy startup, Sole-Proprietor US General Contractor stimulated immediate business success by outsourcing ALL property insurance restoration claims projects to Balance. This yielded hard quantitative results of: Avg. Supplement Amount = $3,808.13, Avg. Contractor ROI = 450% & Avg. total claim cycle (project submitted to Balance – Final Invoice) days to completion = 37 days. Administratively Balance brought immediate systems, processes, reporting, efficiency and management consulting critical to the success of this startup, which allowed the General Contractor Business Owner to focus on selling, building and hiring.

ROI of 2,597%

Maximal Claims Potential


Balance’s expertise with Field Data Surveyance, Xactimate Estimating, Supplementing & Reconciliation, the Appraisal process & acting as licensed Public Adjusters when necessary provides the opportunity for maximal property insurance restoration claims returns. For a recent residential property insurance project that the Insurance Carrier originally estimated at an RCV = $4,750.00, balance Field Damage Surveyed the loss, produced a Balanced Estimate & gained approval for the Revised RCV scope of loss = $36,500. Yielding a Supplement of $31,750 or a to Contractor ROI of = 2,597%.

Supplement of $8,046.31

Experience refined fundamental claims handling resulting in best opportunity for O&P


Balance leverages our research & development rigor to work with you, all Insurance Carriers & local authorities to understand & explain policy, code and other regulations for all US markets. This delivers for you the best advantage to balance the playing field with the Insurance Carrier and receive warranted Overhead & Profit without gimmicks! For example, a recent US General Contractor client’s typical residential property insurance restoration claim was originally scoped and estimated at an RCV = $17,477.56. Balance utilized accurate and comprehensive damage documentation & proper knowledge to produce the Estimate & successfully reconcile the Supplement up to a Revised RCV = $25,523.87, including O&P. A total supplement return of = $8,046.31 for the project!


Benefit from our ethical approach to working with Insurance Carriers


As an Insurance Adjuster for a major national Insurance Carrier, I know that when I see a Balance Claims estimate it will be comprehensive, but without fluff. The Supplementors at balance are prepared, professional and exercise “good faith” claims handling practices that enables my ability to do my job efficiently.” Anthony B. (Licensed Insurance Adjuster for major US Insurance Carrier).

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