How many residential insurance jobs did you perform last year?


Potential Profit Lost Without Balance:


Did you know…?


Insurance claims are often grossly underpaid. Many contractors are unaware of the amount of profit they lose each year as a result.


The dollar amounts that Balance Claims ethically recoups for General Contractors are staggering.

Who bears the cost of inaccurate claims?

Insurance Companies

Not likely. Insurance companies still receive their monthly premiums. In fact, when the claim is underpaid, the insurance companies gain profit and earn bonuses.

Property Owners

Nope. Owners pay their deductible and get their roof. Whether the claim is paid fairly or not may not affect them. Your ability to deliver may be hindered, however.


Almost never. They don't have to do any of the project planning. They come, they work, they get paid, and they leave without ever having to worry about claims at all.

Business Owners – GC's

Business owner General Contractors almost always bear this cost directly. Unbalanced claims payments affect your bottom line & PERSONAL income in a very big way!

What would you do if you could maximize your profits on every claim?


….with our team of claims specialists.

Balance Roof Insurance Claims


Curious how much money you are missing out on? See how Balance Claims can help your business thrive.